Sunday, 22 July 2012

A great afternoon!

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon crafting with three friends and a charming Spanish student.  They each made three cards, same sample for each of the cards but all turned out slightly different, which is great.

Alison's black card certainly has a cheeky look about it!
The original design was one of Emma Daye's...thanks Emma.

Here are Angie's cards...........she kept saying <not bad for a first attempt>  but she has done at least two previous classes with my friend Dawn!!

                                                                                      Natalia's cards
And here are Helen's cards.....

Three very different cards but all happy and bright, just the ticket for a lovely, sunny afternoon.  

Natalia and Helen

Last weekend I was at the U3A Harlaxton Summer School.  It is great to be able to spend 3 whole days crafting while someone else does the cooking AND the washing up!  There were about 100 people there studying a wide variety of topics including castles, creative writing and singing, but of course, I was in the papercraft group with our new tutor, Ros.  I met several old friends and made a few new ones and we all enjoyed learning a number of new techniques.  Whilst it wasn't a Stampin'Up weekend I was able to use one of my punches I took along for the pop up card.......

.......and some papers for the super patchwork demonstrated by Vivian.  Many thanks, Vivian, I will work on this idea!

While I was away Ginny went along to the workshop at Doncaster, but she, along with others, was disappointed with the ideas and quality of the materials.  However, I gather the show as a whole proved interesting.

Can't resist including a photo of Sam, the elder grand-daughter, at her graduation on Thursday. I was very proud of her. It was a very emotional day for everyone.

And this is Emily, her sister.

It looks as if the summer might have arrived....let's hope so!  Enjoy the sunshine.

Thanks for stopping by.   Happy crafting.   Mandy


  1. I'm not surprised you were proud with two gorgeous grand daughters like Emily and Sam!!!! Great pics of both and looks as though the card making went down very well too! See you soon. Zx

  2. OMG, these cards are fabulous, really love the little owls on your pop-up card, they are só cute


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