Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday 4th November

Hello all,
Not a lot of crafting this week.  On Wednesday I attended a breakfast session organised by the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce to learn about websites.  It was really interesting but it is unlikely I will be setting up my own website....I find this blog hard enough!!  It never seems to end up looking as I want it and photos always have a will of their own...if they end up the right way round it is nothing to do with me!!

Had a very interesting day on Thursday at the Lincoln college...what a super building, a great facility for anyone who wants to join the fitness crowd.  The spa is the best I have ever seen and only £35 a month to enjoy all the facilities.

I am currently planning for next weeks craft classes and I hope to make the card above as one of our projects.  I am confident the cards will turn out better than the photo!!!

Have a great week.  Happy crafting.   Mandy

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